Throwback Thursday

400th Blog Post: Throwback Thursday: Amen Fashion


Picture of myself, obviously, taken in 2007 when i was 12 or 11 years old. Oh gosh.

Oh gosh I can’t believe i’m showing you guys this. I hate this picture. There are so many things that i don’t like about this picture. Like:

  • Gangster. I look like a gangsta just sitting there on the couch being lazy in a tank top. I go for Mexico’s political party, PRI. Watch out!
  • My tank top. Oh my. I remember i only used them for about a year. I thought they were cool and somewhat confortable. But I mostly wore them cause everyone at my school did. I remember watching the guys changing and not taking off their tank top and thought they were so lucky. They don’t have to worry about anybody staring at your flat body, peperoni shaped nipples, dirty bellybutton, and not have others think you  actually do have a muffin top. I suffered with all of that in the locker rooms in middle school. So I just went to target, bought myself 4 tank tops, and I was already cool. Or at least that’s how I felt. I think i only wore them for a couple months and got bored of them. I’m proud to say now, I haven’t bought tank tops like those since then.
  • My bracelet. Those kind of fabric bracelets were in fashion then in Mexico and I loved to wear them. Not because they were in style but because I found them cool. I had about 5 of them until one day “they mysteriously disapered.” But really I think my Mom just took them so that i could be more manly and play soccer like a typical mexican would do. Nice try Mom! But that specific bracelet is from PRI, telling you to vote for whoever is running from their political party. Their rival was PAN. How i see it is, PAN is like the democratic party of Mexico and PRI is the republic party of Mexico. But in Mexico PRI always win. Well not always but mostly. And I just wore it cause it was the only bracelet I had no matter which fool will run the country. I just wanted to be feel cool.
  • My chubby face. EW no. I wish I knew how to use photoshop then.
  • The jeans. Ew! Who wears jeans that have letters or even a design on the back pockets? Not me. I find them so ghetto. I hate wearing jeans like that. Plus they look so baggy. I’m telling you, I could of been a gangster in my past life.

What a great way to celebrate 400 blog posts by posting this ugly picture of me, right? Amen fashion all i have to say.

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