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I Don’t Eat Healthy Food

Something i should do but don’t do is eat healthy. And I want to live a long life. Psh. When was the last time I ate a banana? Never. I just don’t like it eating it alone. I would have it in smoothies but not alone. When was the last time I ate an apple? I’d say back in May when my Aunt was in town and bought me this very amazing caramel apple. And I don’t even consider that healthy. But at least I have something to blame it on, my braces. I can’t eat apples with my braces. I know I can cut it into pieces but don’t you know me by now? I’m so lazy plus I’m afraid I’ma cut myself. I’ve done it before one summer when I use to work for the fun of it at a grocery shop in Mexico and I cut my skin when cutting carrots for carrot juice. Mexicans really love that shit. Maybe that’s why they are so fit. *double italics* And healthy. The last time I ate something healthy, was last Saturday. And I had Subway.  But hey, it was a foot long. It’s not that my mom doesn’t cook healthy food, it’s just that she’s really Mexican cooks typical Mexican dishes. Like today for dinner i had this very tangy chicken on a fried “patty” (I don’t know what to call it.) In Spanish it’s called a Gordita. Look it up.

What would be the most healthiest dish my mom has ever cooked?

  • Vegetable soup, that’s hardly though.
  • Broccoli soup, that’s even hardly-er than she makes Vegetable soup.
  • Chicken Salad, but she really doesn’t cook salad. Just the chicken.

I can’t think of anything else. She sometimes make pizza, or spagetti, or burritos, or these beef dishes with rice. I don’t know. My mom is really simple and likes to cook something fast and easy. I hear my white friends talking about how delicious their meal was last of casserole and i’m like, what is that? I’ve never had that. The closest thing i’ve had cooked in the oven is BQQ ribs or Lasagna.

But what’s my typical eating routine? It always depends on the time, day, and the heat. What did I eat today? Oh gosh. Do you really want to know? Here it goes:

  • “Breakfast”- Oreo Yogurt. I hate eggs. Too lazy to make pancakes. I’m even too lazy to heat up frozen waffles. But the yogurt is good for you. It’s a dairy product. Sometimes I don’t even eat breakfast. I just wait until my mom gets back from work so she can make me a huge lunch meal. I wake up at noon anyways.
  • Lunch- Panda Express; Chow mein, Orange Chicken, and Kung Pau. Chow mein has vegetables doesn’t it? Chicken is good for you as well… That’s all i got.
  • Dinner- The tangy chicken i was telling you about. The chicken was the only thing healthy.
  • Snacks- Starbucks, venti mocha frappuchino with no whip cream (hows that about being healthy); frozen yogurt, vanilla, coffee, coco nut flavored yogurt with, jelly beans, and sugary gummy worms; Diet coke; Sprite; Kool-aid, straberry kiwi (did i mention i hate kiwi by its self?); Lunchable nachos; and i’m pretty sure later i’m going to fetch myself a midnight snack of either chips or a hot pocket.

I hardly even exercise. How is my heart beating anyways?

I hardly drink milk, or orange juice. Or any type of juice at all. I just drink two cans of soda a day and if i want something else to drink I drink water. Yeah a quarter of a bottle.

I love all vegetables but hate most fruits. Here are the fruit’s I hate and don’t eat alone:

  • Dragonfruit (do people even eat it?!)
  • Guava
  • Mango
  • Banana
  • Pear
  • Pomegrade
  • Duranzo

I honestly thought it would be a long list because my mom is always nagging on me to eat more healthy. She’s most of the problem why I don’t eat healthy. Because she buys the food for me! But I’m a teenager. God will make an exception on me and I will be able eat all of the junk food I want without doing any harm to myself. Right God?

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