Bubblegum Bitch

Like Go Home

I hate visitors. Like can you go home? You have your own home. You have your own couch. You don’t have to my home. I don’t even like you guys. Like if you wanna come to my house and disrupt my peace, talk to me. If not then, kisses to the haters. And please don’t play the wii. Like you have your own wii back at your house. Once you leave you can use it. STOP WASTING THE BATTERY ON THE CONTROLS. It’s bad enough that we use the batteries on the controls for the wii and now that we’ve use them all. We have to buy some. *Josh Peck voice* BUY THEM! And don’t even get me started with the food. Stop eating it! My step dad took two long, hungry, hours to bring it and i was going to save it for tomorrow, my late night snack. But no. No. No. You’re eating it. I don’t have Paula as a mother to cook for me. Food is my only escape. My only highlight of my summer. AND YOUR EATING IT. I hope they food gives you the groins. A lesson for yourself so you don’t eat my food. When i go to your party next weekend, IM GOING TO EAT ALL YOUR FOOD. Happy 9th year old birthday! This teenager ate all your food! Now you can’t have leftovers for breakfast the day after. You came to my house to invite us to your party, not to invite yourself to my house. Like like like i’m a bubblegum bitch i don’t care. I love it! But this i don’t love. Ah. Ah. Ah. DON’t eat ma fooood. Plus they are so loudddd. I can’t read with all this noice. I neeeed to finish this book. Don’t you know I have a deadline to read all my books this summer!? Of course not. Cause you’re EATING my food and BEING loud. Your noice is making me want to include the lyrics of Heart attack by Demi Lovato, to this blog post. But i dunno how. BeCAuSE YOU GUYS ARE SO LOUD.

*Stop reproducing Bubblegum Bitch*

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