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Shall I Believe My Chinese Zodiac Or Not?

I have never grown interest into zodiac signs but i guess now is the perfect time to know whether they are correct or not. My chinese zodiac sign is the rat. Ew! Rats are like the nastiest creatures in the world. For me that is. At least now i know that the snake can eat me up, and the perfect couple. I am said to be Charming, Sociable, Resourceful, Quick-witted, Ambitious, Crafty, Self-serving. Charming? According to the merriam webster an example of charming is a charming man who had no problem winning women’s hearts. OH! Well that part is correct. Which explains the fact why i’m single but that doesn’t matter. *Looking for an excuse* That’s cause i’m home all day. Sociable? Now you cray. I am like one of the most awkwardest people on this planet. I’m shocked i even have friends. But i guess that does make me sociable to my friends. The same ones from years ago. Not new ones. Nice try you Chinese “philosophers.” I don’t even know who makes these up. Now i am not resourceful. I have been in a stupid program at my school for the past 3 years and other losers below me, got chosen to run the program next school year. That just shows i’m a peasant to the others but really i’m just a ragging bitch at school and can’t stand their ugly faces that haunt my precious little thoughts on what to write about onto my blog. That’s why i’m a flop. Next! Quit-witted? What the fuck is that!? Does that mean i’m a quitter that loves witt…? Oh wait it’s spelled wrong! It’s quick-witted. Haha now that makes sense… I still don’t know what that means. Oh it means mentally alert. Um okay… No i disagree. I’m so stupid. I sometimes can’t even prepare myself for scary movies. I always end up getting scared. Ambitious! Oh yeah that’s totally me! I hope someday be a writer like lady gaga, confusing the fuck out of everyone. Crafty, eh i guess so. I love buying school supplies even though i never use them. Does that count? Now self-serving, i guess that’s me. I always serve my own food. But only when i’m home alone. I’m so lazy when ever my mom offers i don’t hesitate and say, “Sure mom! serve my food.” Other than that, i have no idea what these Chinese people are talking about.

“In China and Japan Rats are signs of good luck and prosperity.” Too bad Jaden smith, in Karate Kid, didn’t take me with him to china because of he did, he wouldn’t have to fight those kids. That was a lame joke. “They also possess a great sense of humor.” Oh stop, your making me blush. “Rats can be very protective and generous to those who are loyal to them.” I guess you won’t have to worry about getting tour purse stolen, when your hanging out with me. Though I do wish someday I have my White Chicks moment. “Those outside a Rat’s social circle may find them easily riled and verbally abusive.” HAHAHAHA OMG I CAN’T. This is so me. I’m such a huge bitch on my blog. “Rats do not often pass up the opportunity to debate.” True but i always have something in store, inside my head, melting them with my words and our endless debate. But sadly, i never have the guts to start one. It’s okay though, i have this blog! Smiley face.

The site also gives you a list of famous Rat’s but i have no idea who they are. I only know Donna Summer, after her death i had a major respect for her, and Louis Armstrong, actually nevermind wrong Armstrong.

“Ideal Jobs Include:
Financial advisor, Broker, Moneylender, Lawyer, Detective, Antique dealer, Auctioneer, Songwriter, Pathologist” Fools, you guys are trippen. All these jobs seem soooo boring and sooo not me. But songwriter seems fun. But not a career i want to follow. If i do i’ll become a songwriter i would write songs i would be a copycat of High School Musical.

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