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I Need A Little Fabulous Is That So Wrong?

Uh! WordPress has that new sophisticated look. I like it. Well it’s a Monday. Who doesn’t love Mondays? The suckers who have to work! Ha-ha! I’m so glad i’m on summer vacation. Believe me guys. I’m having so much fun this summer. That way i would go anywhere i want to go and do what i want. Like go to the thrift shop with your bi-polar sister. It was a shock for me that my sister and I  were bonding. She’s always in her room, mixed emotions all day, and calls me annoying every time when i talk to her. “Hi sister.” “Go away your so annoying!” A typical teenager. It all started with my sister wanting to borrow a book for me. Is her new crush a bookworm or something!? Why all of the sudden does she have interest in books? She wants to get an award at school for most AR points next school year. Which is a system where you take a quiz on a book you read and if you pass it you get points. So it’s about the attention. Typical attention whore. We were talking about books she could read and offered her if she would like to go to the thirft shop with me and she agreed. Woo-hoo! When I got there I was on a mission to find the book I accidentally left on the shelf but it was gone. But I did find two great books for the price of $4.21. *Kenneth from the fabulous TV show, 30 Rock, pops out*What a bargain! I bought Burned by Ellen Hopkins and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I love Ellen Hopkin’s books . Her poetry makes me want to jump like a Mexican Jumping Bean. A bean that hardly shakes at the outside but is jumping so hard in the inside.  It’s about a daughter against the Mormon lifestyle. I also re-bought The Lovely Bones because i lost my old copy. I have no idea where it’s at. Plus i never finished it. It’s one of those books I told my teacher i read it but really all i did is do the research online.

Last night was hell not because it was Fathers Day but because i have heavy hands, or strong hands. You do the math. I have an orthopedic separator stuck deep inside my gum. I had food stuck inside my old separator so i just removed it myself and insterted a new one and i pushed it in too deep. I spent almost an hour trying to get it out but i can’t. It’s deep inside. ROLLING IN DEEP!!!!! I’m worried my orthodontist won’t be able to remove it and he’ll have to remove my tooth to get it out… But then i remembered he has tools for that kind of stuff, a mini pirate hook. Wouldn’t it be so cool if that’s what he calls it?! Arg! Here goes the removal of the rubber band for that treasure eh! Okay the truth is my mom told me. I was paranoid, i thought i had to go to the ER for it, plus it was hurting. She wanted to remove it with a needle but i refused. What if she poked my gums and started to bleed! Or worse, she’d drop it, i’d swallow it, and i would start coughing blood! AH! I was going to call the orthodontist to make an appointment for today but i was too lazy to do anything today. Which is ironic cause i went to the thirft shop. You see what books do to me! Ah the suffer! <— i have no idea what that means. I got it from my sister. The same sister where i got, swagever. So i’m just going to wait until my appointment on Thursday. It doesn’t hurt as much so i’d just wait. Hope he doesn’t get mad. Why would he though? He’s my bitch! He sorta works for me. *Weave flip*

Week 2 of summer. I feel like a new person already! Just kidding. The only new thing about me is my longer dick hair. I need a haircut. When is my Fabulous, High School Musical 2 musical number coming!? This is the moment when my biggest fan comes in and says: This bitch needs a day in the beach with lemonade imported from Florida, books imported from the UK, british boys, massager from China, designer clothes, fabulous party, HE’S GOT TO HAVE FABULOUS EVERYTHING AND EVERYDAY. There’s nothing to discuss everything’s got to be fabulous for me. Haters: Ok okay I’ll bring the amazing blogger, Perez Hilton. Um that’s insulting! I need more. I need I need I need. I need I need I need fabulous One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Britney Spears, and Beyonce at my beach parties in their beach swim suits! Oh i like what i see! I like alot! Is this absolutely fabulous? Absolutely. *parent’s walk in* NOT!

“The whole world is according to moi!” 11 blog views in one day. “Excuse me.” 153 blog views in one day. “Thank you.” 

But you know i like the fabulous life i’m living now. Waking up at 10 AM, reading all day, watching netflix,  and… be a lazy butt and do nothing. Atleast i have something going on in this lifestyle from the song, Fabulous. “Fabulous trash.” Which is used books from the thrift shop. Hater:”Don’t forget your wardrobe!” Gosh this summer is so boring.

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