“You Make Blogging Look So Easy”

I do not making blogging look easy. It’s a hard and a longgggggg process. I always have so many blog ideas in my mind but don’t have the words to end it. It’s so hard. It takes me about an hour to get one blog post, written. But there is always some hard work behind my blog posts. For example, My blog post about asking tumblr users questions. That blog post took me three hours to put together cause i had to wait til they answer, take a snap shot, and edit it. Plus an extra 30 minutes to put it together. Being a blogger is so hard. But i love it. Creating words, characters, events, and awkward and hilarious moments is what my blog is all about. I swear i even make myself laugh so hard. For example this post from a fiction friday:

TGYWYHSACWAAP: What do you think teenagers are doing nowadays?

Seth: I don’t know. Studying.

TGYWYHSACWAAP: No seth, they’re being little creeps on the internet. Like yesterday a 11 year old kid like’d my picture on instagram. Now how creppy is that!?

Seth:Very creppy.

TGYWYHSACWAAP: Like we should send all the little girls to myspace. Nobody use’s myspace anymore. They are just so full of candy.

Seth: Why candy?

TGYWYHSACWAAP: I’m talking about Halloween seth. How do you think Kesha feels?

Seth: I have no idea what your talking about. How does she feel?

TGYWYHSACWAAP: She says were going to die young. All of the pigs are happy.

Only an idiot like me can make this up. Blogging is a tricky thing to do because you atleast have to make your self clear. Sometimes i don’t even think i accomplish that in every blog post. But the hardest thing of it all, for me that is, is coming up with the title for the blog post. I swear one of the most stupidest blog post i’ve created is, Thoughful Day. EVERYDAY is a thoughful day for me.  I’m always thinking about what to blog next. Other than coming up with the tittle i have to make it appealing. Appealing so that my readers want to read more. And sometimes it works like My Sister Sucks My Cock, a post about ranting a fellow search term. But this is what i love to do. I have fun writing it because it’s my world. The world i would like to live in. Daniel In Wonderland.

And thanks to my fellow reader for commenting it on my blog for making me one blog post richer. Shall you become filthy rich.

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