My day


So it’s true. In case you don’t follow me on twitter, maybe you shall reconsider it now @wonderlandhalo, I did go to see Emblem 3 last night. It was a GREAT show. I had so much fun.


This is how long the line was… so close yet so far. We were in line for like 45 minutes. (BTW it was a free show). My friends and I were in line since 5:00, doors didn’t open til 6:00ish and the concert didn’t start til 7:30. We were suffering. So we just left the line to get food, came back and sat on the ground. I’m trying not to think about the number of people who have spit on the ground… But it was fun cause we had each other to kill time which included selfies and talking shit… Opps.


This is how close we were to the stage. All the way up front, general admission. Not bad for a free concert. Don’t think this was it, if you haven’t been to the Del Mar fair, they had seats behind us. It was like an arena. But an outdoor one… Half it’s size.


My friend and I got tired of standing so we just sat on the floor. Basic bitches everywhere.


My tweet on the big screen! Me and my friends thought it would be so hilarious if my tweet would make it to the big screen cause it had Lana Del Rey saying, Bitch Please. When my tweet was on the screen i screamed, “That’s my tweet. WOOO Lana!” And everyone turned back and smiled. A smile that said, haha how funny, your funny, i love Lana too… Or atleast that’s the way I interpreted it.


Emblem 3 taking the stage!

It was a great show, not bad for a new band. My friend, who wanted to come since the beginning, was even crying during the show.  A day i will never forget in so many ways. I swear Wesley made eye contact with me…OMG it was amazing.  

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