My day

It’s A Non-Summer Kind Of Feeling

How’s my summer coming along? I don’t know. It does feel a bit different. The whole point of me staying here in the USA rather than going to Mexico with my “amazing” family, is having an adventure. but it’s hard to do so when all your friends have summer school. Why do i have to be the smart one out of all my friends and pass my classes? Is there such thing as giving away my credits in replacement of being in summer school? To be honest, i kinda do want to be in summer school. Just to hang out with them during breaks and see them everyday but without the boring classes. Yesterday was their first day. Watching Vine’s, instagram posts, snapchats, ranting about summer school felt bittersweet. I’ve been waking up at 9:30 everyday this week and watching my friends suffer is so fun (is that weird?). I rather clean a crack house than staying home all day. Preferably one that has cracked tiles, dusty floors, a nice (clean) pool, a nice view, and wifi. That way i have something to do all summer long, I will never get bored, relax in peace, and forget about seeing the peasants from my school around town. But really all i do all day is, read in the morning until noon, clean my room until my mom gets home before she screams at me for being an “irresponsible teenager who can’t bare to open the window to get rid of the smelly feet stench,” watch tv which includes Bagagge everyday with my family, take a nap, wake up, watch netflix, and stay up at night online. THAT’S IT. So lame, i know. The only day i went out this summer was on Saturday when i  went to the beach with my best friend. I live in California for god’s sakes. Doesn’t that title give me the permission or the obligation of going to the beach everyday!? But when you are a teenager who doesn’t drive (YET) and doesn’t have money, or even friends to go with, it’s really hard. Unless you are close with your family. But really the only highlight of my summer is getting a new desk in my room. One from Walmart where when going out to check out, the public see’s a tall giraffe pushing a cart with a desk inside of it, they can’t bare it but to laugh, i actually believe this desk is made for me. It’s not that bad i just wish it was a bit bigger in width and shorter in height.

I atleast want my summer to be like Sharpay.

They are times during the day when i feel like i have something to worry about; like homework and grades. I guess it hasn’t still hit me that the school year is over. I guess i’m not ready to let go the school year. But what don’t i want to let go? i have no clue. Maybe the fact that i had a fun school year. Or the fact i started this blog, at the start of my junior year and don’t want to let go all those moments and emotions i had ranting, crying, excitement, blogging on this site. But who knows. I’m not an licensed psychologist to confirm my theory.

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