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My First Lady Gaga Concert

I had such a weird dream last night. I had a dream that I FINALLY went to a Lady Gaga concert. I remember thinking i shall take a friend, but even better, i’d go by myself. Little Monster’s are very friendly, plus i heard stories of fans going to concerts by themselves and meeting new friends, having great adventures. My type of Little monster adventure would be walking down the LA streets while dancing and singing our lungs out to Heavy Metal Lover and have faith take it from there. The only night i’d get drunk. But luckily, i guess, i found my friends at the concert so i just hanged out with them. I then in my dream, i remembered that Gaga hasn’t announced her concert tour dates and i knew it was a dream. I remember thinking, if this is a dream maybe it’s god or godga giving me the chance to see her live even in my dreams. So i just went with the flow. The concert started and i went to the restroom and when I got back Gaga was performing “That lady is a tramp.” And almost everyone in the arena was gone. Me and my friends then found out Gaga was getting everyone high with her pipe while throwing glitter at everyone, making them too high to stay at the concert. I even remember telling Gaga, “What were you thinking Gaga?!” This was the moment when we needed Beyonce to tell her,” You’ve been a bad girl. A very very bad girl Gaga.” Watching Gaga smoking on stage felt like watching La Chameleon in Machete Kills. Fabulous, artistic, and looking like a hooker. I then woke up, and thanked to god it was a dream. I didn’t want my first Lady Gaga concert looking after her. To be honest, i actually do.

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