Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Summers In Mexico

Gosh it’s so late. Hopefully i’m not too late on this one. I’ve just been distracted reading Where’d you go bernadette.

20130606-231505.jpg Every summer we’d go to Manzanillo, Mexico for a whole week at this really great and fun resort. For me it was HEAVEN. Everyday being at the beach, pool, and waterslides. Those times were the best. And every night the resort would have shows at 7:00PM. We’d try to go to every single one. Same shows every year. Got a bit annoying. And heres me on the hotels HUGE pool.

20130606-231915.jpg Here’s a picture of my sun burned face.Are you scared yet? I know it’s from the beach in Mexico because it happens to me every year. Gosh i was so fat then. Just look at my face! Um no!

20130606-232249.jpg Look what i found going through my old pictures. I have no idea if its a zebra, horse, or both. It had a nice ass that i had to take a picture of it.

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