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Ways Coca Cola Can Be Used For Part 2

Coca cola may be used on anything. These are just some ways people use it for at desperate times or just for you to do for fun. Or because they have a reason.

  • For eating pancakes.
  • To clean your ID.
  • To feed to the trees. Maple trees.
  • Colone Combination
  • To clean your eyes after watching a scary movie.
  • To make your back straight.
  • To scream and shout. And let it all out.
  • Bugs spray.
  • To prevent getting the hip cups.
  • To polish Madonna’s grammys. 
  • To rinse your underwear with.
  • To bring in ants. So you spread it all around the kitchen.
  • Spray around the house to keep away the weird stench of apples and peaches.
  • Heal butt numbness of sitting too long. It may feel sticky but that’s alright. That’s the point. To forget about the numbness.
  • Better earphones sound
  • Mix it with a tea bag. And drink it ofcourse.
  • Use the cans for better posture when blogging.
  • To keep inside a cup that way you know whenever it shakes it means your parents are having sex, not an earthquake.
  • Relive pain on your upper leg that way you don’t have to be paranoid about your leg ever being shorter than the other.
  • To get rid of a weird sensation. Mostly works on the butt whole when you feel like there’s poop somewhere up there but theres nothing there. But you feel it. It feels weird. It’s the sensation. Apply where needed.
  • To give you the power to sing your lungs off to Mirrors by Justin Timberlake.

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