Random Pictures That Didn’t Make The Cut To My Social Networks

20130602-235031.jpg Call me imature but i think it’s funny when the weather feels a bit horny in the middle of the day.

20130602-235140.jpg The moon looked so pretty that day. You just can’t see it cause the camera on my iPhone sucks.

20130602-235410.jpg Food porn! Ceasar chicken salad at Panera. So delicious. I get it all the time. This bitch made my friends jelous. I got good taste in food. *wink face*

20130602-235429.jpg How cool and weird is this!? It reminded me of an episode of “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody” where either of the twins found a chip that looked like darth vader. If i hadn’t of eaten it, i could of sold it and get rich!

20130603-000024.jpg My friends have tooo much fun with Snapchat sometimes. FYI: That’s me.

20130603-000133.jpg They just wouldn’t stop Snapchating pictures of me that day.

20130603-000251.jpg In case you don’t know.

20130603-000320.jpg What kind of song is that!?

20130603-000415.jpg What i drew while i was on the phone. I call it,”Cars!”

20130603-000537.jpg This chic who entered into starbucks has a nice owl on her braid tail. *White girl voice* That is so hipster!

20130603-000849.jpg That is the cutest thing Siri has ever said. Literally said,”Aweeee” after it.

20130603-001036.jpg Pacific beach has some nice bushes. Big enough to shake it.

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