Reading The Fifty Shades Of Grey Trilogy

Reading those three books were a rollercoaster. For those who don’t know the books, they are a wildly popular book know for sex. The main character Ana, goes into deep detail of her sexual expiriences with her partner Christian Grey. A man that is very rich, intelligent and kinky. I’ve heard of the series being mentioned on TV as a joke but i never knew then i would actually read the books. I read the first book in February because my friend and i agreed to read the books just for the fun of it. Like how fun could that be reading a book with your best friend at the same time!? Super cool. But that failed. My friend finished before me. It took me one week to finish the book it took her three. That’s cause she’s a girl and she enjoyed it more. Which was an accomplishment for me because at the time it was rare for me to finish it that fast. Was it awkward buying the book? Not really. I called Barnes and noble and asked for the price and asked him to place it on hold for me and he said, “You won’t need to. We have like a hundred copies here.” Told my step dad to take me and bought it. The weird thing about Barnes and Noble is that they don’t mention anything about the book when your buying it. Like, “Oh that’s a good book!” I guess it part of the policy so its less awkward. The lady was just quiet. The book is the start of the obsession. It’s so good.

Reading Fifty Shades Darker was a less of an awkward approach. I bought it only used for like $6 online. And read it during spring break in Mexico. When i arrived there i found out my aunt was reading the books as well. “Your reading that book too!? My mom has it,” said my 6 year old cousin. Gosh i hope she doesn’t know what they are really about. And that just made us closer over the break talking about Christian. Just kidding, we were already close. But everyone in my family was talking about those stupid books. “Daniel, your reading a girl book?” “What it’s a good book,” i said. It was super awkward. Finished that book in 5 days. It’s honestly a thousand times more better than the first book.

Reading Fifty Shades Freed was super awkward. Bought the book at Target. Once I bought the book i ran to checkout. I didn’t want anybody see me buy the book. So shame on me now. I Knew You Were Trouble is playing in the background. Oh sister, you okay? Reading the book was super awkward. A teacher confronted me, “Your reading that book? Seriously? Did you really like the first two you had to read the third book.” All i did was nod. His approach to me was just so awkward. Another guy in my english class said, “Your reading that book? That’s mommy porn.” “So it’s a good book.” My teacher was right there and asked me if I was okay and i said, “Yeah. He’s not a bully. Just a jerk in a friendly way. Haha.” I finished that book in more than a week. And is my favorite book of all three.

Reading Fifty Shades will make things awkward one way or another. It may be a porn book or a girl book but it’s still a great series. It has thrill and mystery as well. Don’t think the whole book is sex. There’s a plot to the book just like every book. Read the books if you have a chance too and laugh about it if you have to. I did. Many times. And men, don’t be afraid to read the books! I wasn’t. Preach it and say, “Yeah I love the books, so what!?” While your inner goddess will be your own copy of Bruno.

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