My Type Of Book

What attracts me to the good book? Just give me any book that has plot twists, and a nice plot and nice sense of personality to the characters and boom! I will love the book. I’m into all books like romance, travel, adventure, fantasy, and humor.

It’s the sense of humor the first person in the book says that make me love the book. But one way or another i will always find books hilarious. Like in 50 shades of grey, Ana being an awkward seductive girl. I just can imagine that already and it makes me crack up. Christian: SUCK MY DICK! Ana: *in a low voice* okay. In Romeo and Juliet the part when Romeo kills himself, i go. HA! She’s not dead. You idiot. Gosh just get over her already. I mean you just met the chic. What if she’s a serial killer!? Would you still love her and die with her? Ofcourse. Her voice is so dreamy! *Eye roll* In the Great Gatsby i laughed at the part when Daisy was crying over Gatsby’s shirts. “They are just so beautiful.” Will you cry when you see his dick too? Maybe that’s why you guys broke up. Gatsby just wanted the sex. But she did see her husbands dick and didn’t cry and they end up being together in the end of the book. Which that means one thing: He has a small dick. “Eh it’s those horses. They go too fast sometimes and you go up and down, making me get a small dick. It’s okay tho. It’s big enough to get my wife knocked up,” says Tom. <— Now that thought makes me want to crack up.

I also judge a book by it’s cover. But sometimes I don’t. Like The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. It has a lame cover but it’s a good book. A book i bought by it’s cover was, Room. It looked cool for me at the time. I read it. And loved it. Looking at the cover for Pretty Little Liars, i don’t think i’m ever going to read those books.

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