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Tender Is The Night

Today is the day I have been waiting for! I have dreamed of it all my life. I time traveled today! This is how it all started: I was the lucky chosen winner out of 9 million humans who applied, all around the world. You see I’m the writer of an Classic American Tale, The Great Gatsby. So maybe that’s why I was chosen. You call it cheating I call it hard-work-payed-off.

This scientist named from the future named, Perez Hilton Junior. He gave me a watch to wear. With it i spoke to a computer voice named Siri, who took me where ever i want to go. When I was time traveling I was just like a ghost and nobody could see or hear me. Just like from, what I found out today, the movie Click. I told Siri I wanted to take me to a bookstore. I wanted to see the future in the work of fiction books.

The first and only book I read was Fifty Shades Of Grey. Oh my god that book is very graphic. If the book was released during the present back during the 1930, it would be banned. It’s too graphic. But unique. I noticed the print on the book is so perfectly print. The pages, felt like touching a cloud, cold and a dream come true (to feel the future). The feeling of the cover was so smooth. I even layer across the book cover over my stomach to find out how it feels like. Side note, it feels cold.

Now it’s time to be freaky! Let’s look at the toys. Which one can i stroke my penis with? Oh the beatles lunch box looks like it’s possible. Who are The Beatles anyways? Whatever it doesn’t matter. I don’t think my dick can fit in this. Oh wait, yes it can! I wonder if the people living in this time, can see the floating lunch box. “Why, yes they can,” moans Siri. She likes the dick. I open the lid, put my dick in between the lid, close it, and stroke it. Oh the feeling…. gosh. Gosh. Gosh. I love this. The texture of this metal is so soft. The 1930s better hurry up! Oh lord, i see lady or man, i don’t know, with dirty blonde hair, looking at the lunch box with a confused face. “Is everything alright Ellen?” Say’s the man, from what it appears, works there. So it is a woman. “No look! I never seen anything like this before. And it’s not even halloween yet! I love it! Shutterfly will give you ten thousand dollars cash for this masterpiece.” Shutterfly? What kind of butterfly are there in the 21’st century!? Weird! This feeling is so tender. Just like the night outside. I got it! I’m going to name that my next book! I’m so cool. I got to go, to get started on my book. I drop the lunch box in an instant. “Oh jolly, what happened there?” said Ellen. “I don’t know. Oh look a dildo!” “Sorry that’s mine.” “Oh hi Taylor Swift!,” says Ellen. I’m out. “Siri let’s go.” “Oh i’ll take you anywhere as long as your with me. Virtual wink face.”

The 21’st century looks like it’s going to be kinky. At least i can say i was there.

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