My day

You Know What They Say: Laughing Is Good For You

Family drama. Isn’t it wonderful!? Not.*Britney song* 1,2,3 you need to go away. You don’t need me. Drama please go away. It all started with a phone call. My sister got detention. Which it either meant she got in trouble for saying a stupid joke or she was talking in class. It was neither. She was cursing. The only cursing i can imagine is her saying, “What the fuck are you talking about? You got no fucking swag. I’m a swagger and your not so go away you cunt.” Or her saying, “Eh whats up my homie. Nah i don’t care about school.” Teachers think homie is a bad word. The line I stole from my sister: Swagever. I told my mom and my sister got in trouble and caught my self smiling, trying to laugh. Why was i smiling? I don’t known thats the bad and only thing about me in this situation; I always smile even when a major case of truth is involved. “Why are you laughing!? Your so happy right that i’m in trouble,” says my sister. Am I really? My sister is one of those kids in middle school that reminds me of my bullies when i was in middle school. This is where the water works come in. The one who thinks everything is funny, makes fun of people even though they don’t see it as bullying, being “the popular kid in school” and using the word “gay” for everything as a way to describe something stupid. It bugs the hell out of me. Seeing her getting in trouble is like watching my old bully getting the medicine of your-the-bitch he/she diserves. Am I in happy though? No. She’s my sister and I will always love her and wouldn’t want her to get in trouble. Even though she’s mad at me for “being happy” and said she’ll never talk to me again. Hearing her cry in the bathroom was a mood kill. She was crying for like 10 minutes. Do I feel guilty? Kinda. Maybe then she thinks of what she’s done and does better not to be in the same position ever again.

As the wonderland writer I am, the whole time i was worried my sister was going to seek revenge on me by sneaking in the bathroom and take a naked picture of me and boom. It’s all over facebook and i’m in everyones conversations. Finally. Now that would be hell. Being humilated, laughed at, judged. A moment I don’t ever want to go through. But if that happens it’s okay, i’ll be a copy of Olive Pentergast. Oh wait, men can’t dress slutty. But they sure can dress like a stripper.

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