My day / Random

Lucky Bitch

It’s crazy to know someone actually thinks about you. I always thought nobody would think about me. The other day i found out that a girl likes likes me. If only she knew. It was pretty obvious she likes me. She’s a freshmen in my cooking class, and she would pass by my desk and say, “Hola. Como estas?” Like what the fuck. I don’t speak spanish. Do i really act or look mexican? Plus she’s white so now that would make more sense at this awkwardness. It’s like I speak english you know. I gotta give her props though cause she dresses like a bright hippie clown. She wears all the bright colors and looks like a little girl. She doesn’t even match. I should take a picture. I wonder how big her closet is.

Gosh that first paragraph was a long time ago. Me and her are actually good friends now. When we got our seats changed on the last 6 weeks of the semester, she sat next to me and we got to talk. She’s very nice and funny. But still odd. But funny odd.

Now that last paragraph is so old too. I need to read and finish my drafts more often. She’s in my health class this semester. She’s still rad in her style. It’s like Ke$ha threw up all over her. OMG…. Thinking about it now. Maybe Crazy Kids is like her new anthem or going to be. *change of subject* The other day, it was a long time ago actually but the other day seems fancy-er, these people in my class were sorta making fun of her. “Look at her. Her style is just no. Ew.” And the guy next to me said,” Maybe she doesn’t want to be part of the system. She’s being herself.” And the wanna be fashionista was like, “It’s still ugly.” I’m sure the guy next to me was just saying that cause he knows i’m friends with her. Or maybe he was being nice. That’s the cool thing about her tho. She’s may not be popular but she’s popular in everyone’s conversations. Lucky bitch.

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