Books Can Be Crazy Kids

The number one tag i look up the most on tumblr is books. I love to look at pictures of books. I love to see pictures of what bloggers are reading. What are their favorite quotes. How they read books. All things books. It’s fun to see. It’s very obvious that i love read but most important the stories that come with.

I get so high when your with me.

Like for example this chic: Can someone please just give me all of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books? So I can just sit and read them and do nothing but love life? Thanks in advance.

Um, are you a hipster? Do you love Fitzgerald because of the movie? You see this Nicki Minaj? “Oh hell no. This mothafucka is going down.” I’m just kidding. I don’t know if his other books are any good tho. But why him? Why don’t you just read John Green instead? Fitzgerald is old school.

But let’s take a look at the pictures, shall we?

Heaven. Hopefully this will be house someday. I dream/imagine everyday when I visit my mini book case, friends coming to house to borrow books. I get a book. Read a part. And fall in love with it; all at once. *ORGASM*

That’s me. But not in a woman form, ofcourse. Unless the book i’m reading makes me feel like one. In that case, *Screaming* THAT’S TOTALLY ME. Wait, maybe i can moan. Oh yes. Oh yes. Oh yeaaaaah! I can feel the sensation going up  and down my vagina. Oh my, my cervix is getting mild. Mildly hot! Let me just get a pen to stick it inside of me.*Tweet* Starships were meant to fly! #ITotallyGetYouNowNickiMinaj…. Okay i’ll put Fifty Shades of Grey away. What the fuck did i just write!?


Relatable! That’s so me. The only friends i have over my house.

*Cover my mouth and breath deeply* OMG. CAN’T BELIEVE SOMEBODY REALLY SAID THAT. Hashtag Hardcore Rebel. But NOPE. I CALLED IT. THIS MA NEW QUOTE. But in huge letters: IF YOU GO HOME WITH SOMEBODY AND THEY DON’T HAVE BOOKS, DON’T FUCK THEM. Now doesn’t that look amazing! This goes to Ana Steele. (I’m sorry, Fifty Shades is all I can think about right now. ((I’m sorry. Not sorry.)))


Looking at this picture makes me want to read it so bad. I hope it’s better than the movie.

Aren’t these pictures just orgasmastic!?

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