My day

Hashtag Getting Lost I Go

Blogging about my Spanish class just never stops. My teacher is just asking for me to blog about him. Gladly. I got kicked out of his stupid class yesterday (A day before presentations). I’m so done with spanish class, i swear. So it was the middle of class and he told us to get out a worksheet to go over it. But i was absent the day it was given and I didn’t have it. So i just sat there. Cause that’s what he said,”If you don’t have it. It’s fine just sit there quietly.” So that’s what I did. But then i got bored and got my book out and started reading. Then he asked me a question but i wasn’t listening cause i was reading. Once i finished reading the paragraph i looked up and everyone in my class was staring at me. And so was my teacher. “Aren’t you going to answer my question.” Nope. I was just silent. Quiet. “You didn’t listen. Give me the book! You can get it afterschool.” Well shit. It’s barely first block and I’ma want it to read for the rest of the day. But no. He doesn’t give a shit. “That’s very very disrespectful,” he said in a strong tone. I was just quiet. So then I was just sitting bored paying attention and i guess i was just messing with my braces as a way of saying, kill me now im bored. “Just leave Daniel. Your not doing anything anyways. Go away. Go get lost for the rest of the period.” Got up without saying anything and left. I was going to cry but i told myself to gather my shit together, i’m in the hallways for god sakes! The other classes can see me crying through the windows. So i just left to my cool ass health teacher. He doesn’t care. He lets other students stay all period and do nothing. He’s a cool cat. I told him the whole story and was on my side. “Were you talking? Oh wait you don’t talk.” Hashtag i’m awkward. “Oh you were reading! Ha.” Hashtag i’m the freak. He even gave me a sucker. To suck the pain away. Awe thanks teacher.

I then go back to the classroom to get my stuff and there’s a detention slip. Swagever. I’m not going. And it was today. And I didn’t go. Hashtag beginner rebel.

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