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Get Me A Car! Spanish Presentation Edition

Your probably wondering how it went with my spanish presentation. Turns out it went well at the end of the day class. I thought i was going to have to make up my presentation, assuming that the presentations started last week when i was at disneyland. But i was wrong. As always. Yesterday was the day everyone presented. Remembered how i said i was going to do it with someone else? Well, since i was absent for 2 days my partner switched groups. So i had to do the presentation by myself. Good thing it was something easy. This was the third person in my group who bailed on me and left the group. Gosh. Swagever. I was the last one in my class left to present. I had to tell the story along with pictures in spanish. Here are the pictures:

20130521-213107.jpg This is a scene of the story of a spoiled rich kid. It’s his birthday and he wants a car for his 17th b-day and they go out for dinner to celebrate. Instead of a car he gets a ticket to El Salvador to build houses for the ones in need who lost their homes in a big earthquake, all summer long. This snotty kid is devasted. His dad said that he can get a car when he gets back. Everyone in the class was laughing at this one. Maybe by its poor photo shopping.

20130521-213124.jpg This is the scene where he goes and see his “beautiful girlfriend” and tells her hes going to El Salvador. And she says, “Oh yeah bitch!? Well i’m going to paris all summer long shopping! HOW YOU DOIN?” Everyone in the class was laughing at this one too.

In this scene he arrives in El salvador and this dude picks him up and takes him to the house where he will be staying at. Everyone was laughing at this picture too. Maybe because of the girl with her hands out. I was laughing too.

20130521-213205.jpg This is the scene where he arrives to the house. The Zamora house. He meets the mom and the dad and their daughter Anabel. Ben describes her as beautiful but instead i made her look ratchet. The reason why its setting is like this is because the Zamora’s are very poor. So this is their poor house. My friend said it looks like a crack house. I agree.
Nobody laughed at this picture. Sad face.


This is a scene where he’s working and he doesn’t like it. He wants to go back to his rich lifestyle in the united states. He hates it. He wants his car already. Poor white boy.


This is where his “love of his life” and him are fighting. He tells her they aren’t civilized. They have no internet, tv, and electronics and they are plain boring. And Anabel tell him, “You don’t understand. Leave bitch! You poor white boy! Leave if you don’t like it here. We don’t need you.” He doesn’t leave but they do get mad at each other and ignore one and another.


In this scene they’re at a party and they get happy and forgive one another. And that’s why they are happy. He notices that the people in El Salvadro are rich. They’re are rich cause they have their friends and family together, they are united (start crying now).


In this, final scene, he’s with his father. He arrives in the United States and tells his dad he doesn’t want a car anymore. He instead wants to his dad to save the money for the people in El Salvador who lost their homes due to the earthquake.

And there you have it. The story the whole class had to present. Either in a play, a video (movie) or do it like i did. But only if you don’t have enough for a play. Everyone else’s plays sucked. They were funny tho. Awkwardly funny. One person spoke Spanish loudly with a strong voice. Almost as if he was Hitler or something.

I hope you learned something new about this story: If you have a rich spoiled brat, send them off to El Salvador for the summer and they will be a completely new person. Or they will talk shit to the others in the third world country and will end up wanting the new car for their birthday.

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