My day

The Procrastination Life Choose Me

What is going on with me? I feel like it’s been decades since i last blogged. I know it’s been (19-13 equals 6) 6 days. Though that doesn’t count. Do you know how hard it is to keep reading, homework, tumblr, texting, eating, blogging and eating done all in one day? Super hard. I’m just so done with the semester. Just 2 more weeks until finals. And then summer. Other than finals, i have my ACT and SAT coming up and i haven’t really studied. And yes i know, be the change you wanna be. I’ve heard it a million times. But right now I don’t want to deal with the test preps. I’ll do that tomorrow. Once June 8th hits, i’m going to be free like a bird. No more school, ACT or SAT. Three months of doing nothing. I’m not even looking forward to being a senior in the fall. Thinking about applying for college… is… … … … … stressful. But why worry about it now when the day hasn’t come yet? Right. Well first i need to worry about keeping my grades up. For example, my health class. I have a ton of make up work to do. I have a cool teacher and he accepts late work. It’s just me who doesn’t want to do it. Why can’t i have a nerd to do my homework for me? Or does that just happen on the Amanda Show? Having a nerd deliver your homework, freshly done like a box of pizza. That’s what sucks about Nick. They let big wonderland writers like me deal with this shit.

I just wish there was a button invented where i can press it and let the time pass by. Almost like time traveling. But with out getting up and pressing lots of buttons.

I’m going to try to blog often like I use to. It’s just so hard to make time. I didn’t choose the procrastination life. The procrastination life choose me.

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