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Nervous For My Spanish Presentation

I’m so nervous for my spanish presentation tomorrow! Me and my partner have to present a presentation with pictures and narrate a story. And my pictures are so ugly especially the first one.

20130519-213559.jpg Just look at it. The photo shopping is so ugly. Why? Why? Why? I regret not snipping the whole thing. But now i can’t fix it cause i don’t have a printer. I have other pictures too but not as bad as this one. What a great way to start a presentation with an ugly drawing. *Sarcasm*

My teacher is not afraid to express his thoughts and feelings. He can either say, “Ay! Mira que feo! Look how ugly. You did a poor job.” And i would be quiet and embarassed. Or he could say just laugh and say nothing. But what ever i don’t care what he thinks i just want to get this over with. It is what it is. All i’m asking for is a C on this presentation.

I don’t have the script and my partner has it. And hes one of those too-cool-for-school kids who might of lost it. Oh jolly i hope not. (I tend to talk like an old lady when i’m nervous.) I was going to re write one just in case but i’m too tired and you know me. I do everything on the last minute. Maybe if I don’t feel to confertable i’ll do it tomorrow morning. I guess we’ll see how tomorrow goes. I actually don’t want to see.

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