My day

Thursday: Superstar For A Day

Thursday was hell. In my own way. I’m part of my schools news broadcasting show and I thought it would be lovely if we would add a segment for Friday’s show  with me in it. I was walking around the campus asking students questions. The segment was called Patriot Poll. I thought I manage to overcome my awkwardness but that was a fail. Why is being a tall giraffe harder than it seems? I asked about 13 students what their favorite class is. And shockingly most students said, PE. They must think it’s Jersday, a day we celebrate a new episode of Jersey Shore airs on MTV, a day devoted to get drunk in the morning before school to be rebel. Yes i know Jersey Shore is over but i did say think. Don’t let my frequent typos fool you. I now have a gut that tells me to revise my blog posts. But the interviewing was alright I guess. Some students went deep into answering. “My favorite class is Math cause i like to challenge my self, blah blah blah.” The whole time I wasn’t really listening. I just couldn’t get over the fact that they were staring me into the eye.

After filming I couldn’t get over the fact how awkward I was. And the whole school will see it. What are they going to think while i walk down the hallways? Oh it’s Awkward! But lets at the positive side, very deeply. Maybe this will show students at my school it’s okay to be awkward. You can be awkward and be on the television! But really, i was an exception. I was able to do it because I’m the shows script writer and manager. Oh well. I bet after it airs, I’ll be popular!

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