My day

Saturday: More Pain

I was still in Oxnard. And we weren’t going to leave til late at night. We went to my aunts house for a barbeque. It was so boring. I wish i used the time to read. The whole time i was just sitting and listening in to family convos. I had nothing else to say. One uncle was fighting with his brother which is my uncle as well, about his credit card bill being charged 14 thousand dollars. I have never seen my uncle so pissed off. One of my favorite convos of the day was bugging my uncle about his future wife. Everyone was making fun of him. And gave the impression that she’s ugly. “Look her up on facebook! That’s not really her though. Those pictures are photoshoped.” But my mother, oh my. She was going hard. “She’s 40 years old! She must be burnt in her town. For someone who is 40 and single, your pretty much single for the rest of your life.” And my uncle was just sitting there quiet with nothing to say. After all, what could you say? He’s not much of a person who would debate about it.

I didn’t get home until midnight. I was so tired. I just sat on the couch when i got home and fell asleep. Until my annoying sister woke me up by throwing her nasty socks to me. And head off to my bed.

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