My day

Friday: Relief With A Huge Overload Of Boredom

Once I arrived to the studio the girl who was going to edit the video didn’t edit it cause the audio was poor. What a relief! I might not loose my reputation after all. But then It came to me, all that hard work for nothing. But who cares! I will survive! <— Quoting some song. I asked her if I could see the videos on the camera and i look so awkward and a huge muffin top. How embarrassing. After watching 3 seconds i couldn’t handle it and gave it back. Gosh. I know for sure next time I won’t do it.

After school we took the long drive to Oxnard with family. It was so boring. I don’t get along or talk to anybody with my family there. I just had dinner, hanged around awkwardly and went to bed early. I just wanted to go home already. But it’s 3 hours away. The worst of it all, is that i had no cell phone reception at my grandpa’s house. So I didn’t have tumblr, twitter or even netflix to entertain me. Ugh what a pain.

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