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Writers With Their Odd Writing Enviroments

Do you ever blog at the weirdest and most oddest places ever? I mean i do. I’m sitting on the floor on top of a t-shirt. At least i’m comfortable. One place I know every blogger has done at least once is blogging while sitting on the toilet. I’ve done it! Millions of times. Mostly when I’m pooping to kill time. I guess every push, releases ideas onto my blog posts. Another place i blogged at is at my kitchen floor. Don’t ask.

Some of the greatest bloggers blog on the most awkwardest places. Like Tina Fey wrote her book on top of her washer and dryer machine. E.L. James wrote Fifty Shades Of Grey on the subway. It’s not that awkward but it is for her. Especially how she writes some very graphic sex scenes in her book/s. I’m not saying just cause I blog at an odd place/spot it makes me a great writer. I’m an exception to this (what should I call this?!) superstition (In which i created. Or at least I think I do.)

What sucks about this is that we can never know where a thing is written.

What if Harry Potter was written at church!? Or The Hunger Games at a preschool. Or Call Me Maybe was written during masturbation. You never know.

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