My day

Fifty Shades Awkward

Today I confronted an very awkward moment. A moment I hope never comes back. So I’m sitting in US history class and I get out my homework and give it to my teacher. And after I give it to him he asks, “Really? Your really reading that book? Did you read the first two books and you just had to read the third book?”  It was Fifty Shades Freed also known as the last book of the Fifty Shades Of Grey series. The book was on my desk so that’s how he saw it. It’s not like he grabbed my bag and searched through it just to judge me on the books I’m reading. I just nodded to his questions. It was so awkward. My teacher knows about the series. The book with erotic romance AKA sex. I can already imagine him thinking, “Oh ew. He’s reading a ‘girl’ book with sex.” He just made it so awkward the whole time. I was taking a test and I couldn’t concentrate. My teacher caught me reading a sex book. Porn in a book. I mean it’s not illegal. So why is he tripping? He’s a teacher. He shouldn’t know about these books. But he obviously knows about the series because his wife is a book blogger and maybe she read them. Perhaps he read them as well. EW! I don’t want to imagine him getting horny to that book. EW. EW. EW. EW. EW. But like really? Do I have 2 chec myself on dis. I swear to god ima gonna piss about dis and preach dis moment never comes motherfucking back. <– My impression of Nicki Minaj. I failed.

Oh E.L. James. Why do your books make things awkward? Especially on the days I have a test and I can’t get over the fact how awkward that moment was. I thought my teacher knew about this cause he reads my blog and I always blog about Fifty Shades Of Grey. I mean he hasn’t told me but I’m sure he doesn’t like me. I think about all the things I did to make him not like me. But all I do, is blog about him. So that means he’s read my blog. How embarrassing.

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