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“Today Was An Okay Day” Then Again, I Always Say That

Watching two hours and 30 rock has been to this blogging just publish a few similarities if it was that I want to say Conleth the TV she swamped any committee meeting.

And that’s what you get when you speak to an iPhone using the microphone option instead of typing. This is what i really said: Watching two hours and a half of 30 Rock has led me to this, blogging. I love Tina Fey. Watching her is like falling in love; the more i watch the show, the more i love her.

What’s up with iPhones? More like what’s up with my iPhone. Why isn’t it recognizing what i’m saying?! Taking 6 years of speech now means nothing! (That’s actually a true fact.) And yes the tabloids are true, i downgraded upgraded from my Samsung Galaxy 3 to an iPhone 4s. I actually love my iPhone. I hated the apps the Galaxy had. Like the twitter app. I wanted to do the hipster thing by sliding my finger across the tweet to RT quote on an tweet. But on the Galaxy it just switched tabs. And reading tweets on it was a bitch. But now with my iPhone, i can do it all. I’ve had an iPod touch forever and now i have an iPhone. It’s like a dream come true. I can finally fit in with everyone. As in everyone, i’m talking about the losers who still have the iPhone 4s that don’t want to upgrade to the iPhone 5. In which i understand, big phones are lame. My Galaxy was so huge i hardly had it in my pocket because of it’s size. But with the iPhone it can finally slide it in my pocket and take it out of my pocket when sitting down without having to stand up. As if i will ever let go my iPhone. When i first got my iPhone my “co-worker” told me, “Oh you got an iPhone? Welcome to the club!” What club? You have a shitty LG touch phone. Probably the club of the hipsters.

Today was the day I suffered in hell. I went to Saturday school. The whole time i was talking to my friends and i hardly did my work. The only time i had time to myself was when i was waiting for my friends in the morning. But then i was doing nothing. Just thinking. Thinking how awkwardly quiet it was in there. At the time it was 5 minutes til 8 and there was only 3 students. Including myself. I was wondering if it will ever get any louder. I was imagining how it would be like if we had a classroom full of students and the only time we would talk is when the teacher came in the classroom. He says something funny. And then we all laugh. As if we were all just comedy writers waiting for the comedian to come in, makes us laugh and get us to work. That was actually what led to my thinking of an impersonation of the teacher, walking. Inside. The classroom. But once my friends and other students came in the classroom, it got loud. As always. Why did those fools come in just on time? What happened to being early to class and get a head start on having fun? Oh that was so the 90s? Says the nerdy comedy writer. Oh shut up you fool. I’m not asking for your opinion.

After Saturday school i had to walk home. I was so not looking forward to that. Who want’s to walk around down the streets when you know the cars passing by are judging and staring at you. I was going to take the short cut home and right when i was walking five feet down that short cut, BOOM there it was. That long 1 and a half feet son of a bitch. What was it? A snake? An iguana? An snake eating an iguana? Nope. It was a two fucking lizards fighting. It was so gross. I hate reptiles. I think they are so gross. I was just walking and out of nowhere it came out of the bush and decided to mess with this wonderland writer. Oh my. No. Uh. Um. No! Once i saw it, i flinched and walked back. That was when i was discovering it’s true identity. At first i was worrying if anyone saw me flinch and called me a weirdo. But i didn’t care. I COULD OF DIED. I pretended to call someone so that the passing cars wouldn’t wonder what am i doing just by standing on the sidewalk. Admiring the floor. I didn’t know what to do. My former plan was to wait until they leave and cross the street. But i wait, i am that stupid? I guess so. They aren’t going to cross the middle of the road. They are some slow fuckers and can get ran over. My second plan was to wait until they go back into that bush. But that could take forever. My third plan was to just pass by them and run. But they can catch up to me and bite me or something. My forth plan was to go back and take the long way. But wait, why go back when you can jay walk and run. I didn’t care if a police saw me and gave me a ticket. I have a reason. But officer! I had no other choice. They can bite me and give me herpes or something. I DON’T WANT TO DIE. I HAVEN’T EVEN HAD MY FIRST KISS YET. I could of recorded them two fighting and get millions of views on YouTube. But i was super scared then.

Then i pass by this stop sign and i see two birds on top of it, fighting as well. I know what your thinking, i jay walked on that one too. But no. I didn’t. I just ran pass the sign. They didn’t even noticed me. Why was i so scared? Maybe i was just so scared and dramatized of what i just saw earlier.

Today was an okay day. But i always say today was an okay day; so you go figure fill in the blanks.

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