My day

Peeing In Fashion Like A Hipster

I have never laughed so much, in so long. Today in english class i kinda got in trouble for getting the giggles. The teacher was asking, “What’s so fuuny? This is getting out of control. Do we need to read independently?” But nobody was responding so she just let it go. I’m not known as someone who is always talking and laughing in class. I’m so awkward and quiet during class. But not today. Everyone in class was asking me, “What’s so funny?” And i would just shake my head that says, nothing. I think i was laughing for like 15 minutes straight. I just covered my face with my book so that nobody would notice and see my red face. What was so funny? You may ask. The guy next to me had to pee so bad he was going to pee in a cup. A Starbucks glass cup. He got from the trash can. There’s nothing like peeing in fashion like a hipster. And he was really going to do it. What made me crack up, is imagining him peeing. Like who pee’s in class!? That’s so odd, it’s funny. What made me laugh even more is that i heard him unzip his pants and hiding his dick in his backpack. I couldn’t stop laughing. Or even look at him. I kept on looking the other side cause i wanted to stop laughing so that i don’t get in trouble. I didn’t even talk to him at all for the rest of the period. I can’t even talk to him and not laugh. He said he really didn’t pee. He just peed a little drops. Thank god i didn’t see his penis or even hear him actually pee or else i would of lost it and laugh even louder. At the end of class my teacher asked what was so funny. But i obviously didn’t tell her. “Where you laughing about someone?” Well kinda. “No i was laughing at something.” And then she let it go. Today was a great day.

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