My day

The Deck Of Chance And Pain

PE today was such a huge drag. Our cross fit exercise of the day was what I call, the deck of chance and pain. My teacher had a deck of cards and each card is a different exercise. For example the clover is push ups, the diamonds are high jumps and so on so forth. I forgot how she would determine how many reps we would do. But it was always 10s, 11s, 7s, and hardly any 3s and 4s. The only exercises we were doing were push-ups, burpies, tuck or high jumps (can’t remember what it’s called. I just copy what everyone else does.), and sit ups. But we never did sit ups for some odd reason. Which that means the teacher was cheating. We did two ten minute rounds with a minute of rest between each workout. My teacher told us we had to try and do the workout or else she’s going to restart the timer. In PE me and my friend are always known for not doing anything, pretending like we are but were so good with it that we get away with it. But today, My friend actually was trying into the workout. Which is so odd cause it was Monday morning. Either she hates the weekends or she was on drugs. But oddly enough, we I didn’t make the teacher restart the timer. This other white nerd girl did. We were six minutes in our first round, our teacher restarted the timer because nerd girl didn’t do her push ups right. We were all pissed. I didn’t care though. It’s not like i was really doing the work out. When we had to do 11 push ups, i did 5 push ups, slowly. When we had to do 11 burpies, i did 3 real burpies and 2 claps. Push up, jump up and clap, stay standing for 2 seconds when the teacher isn’t looking, and clap. That’s my way of doing my burpies ladies and gentlemen. The only workout i really did do was tuck jumping. That was easy. I don’t know how the teacher didn’t notice i didn’t really do the workout to a 100%. I was the only one not sweating. FYI, don’t ever go to a water fountain with a line sweaty students. It stinks so bad, you will have a strong smell that smells like rotten champagne. Maybe i was the only who smelled this cause i wasn’t sweating.

Doing this work out was interesting though. There is one guy named Enrique who thinks everything he says, is funny. But he’s not. Nobody laughs. Only my friend when she’s on drugs. He would say things like, “Hey teach! Why don’t you do the work out and i’ll sit and watch.” “Your not cold cause your in sweats and wearing a sweater. You polar bear.” (I made the polar bear part up just to make him sound more stupid.) But today he was saying so many stupid things. “Hey Daniel do something!” That one got me. I told him not to tell me what to do but he didn’t hear me. The perks of being an awkward Giraffe. He would also say to other students, “Hey hurry up before i make you into carne asada.” And this other chic says, “No carnitas.” Pretty much everyone around her agreed and laughed. I did. He would also say, “CROSS! FIT! CROSS FIT!” Like no. Just no. Shut up before i cross your legs and make them fit inside your vagina, biyotch. Enrique is a guy my dear white boys and girl readers. My friend on the other hand was so hipper i’m convinced she was high. “That chic is so crazy. I feel like wooping out my dick and slapping her across the face with my dick. And then she would enjoy the sweat of Enrique’s vagina” (Again i made that last part up again. My wonderland is such a bitch.)

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