Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Knott’s Berry Farm


Here’s a picture of my sister and I at Knott’s Berry Farm. I’ve only been there once and that was the last time I went. I remember not getting on the big kid rides cause I was afraid we might stop in the middle of going down the rollercoaster. As a kid I believed if all the blood goes to my head when upside down,  the same thing would happen if I was slanted at an angle. I guess then I was afraid of dying. Where have you been YOLO?

My highlight of the trip was buying a snoopy plushie. But now I have no idea where it’s at. Next time I go, I HAVE to buy snoopy before the rollercoaster kills me.

Look at my jacket tho. It’s so huge! I could pass as a gangsta. *Goes up to a random stranger* Yo give me your sunglasses! I can’t stop squinting.

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