My day

Worst 17th Birthday Ever

Yes you read that correctly. I had the worse Birthday ever. Do you know what it’s like having most of your closest friends forget your birthday? It’s a horrible feeling. A feeling that faith decided, “Oh well let’s drop this one on Daniel.” When somebody forgets your birthday you feel forgotten, like you don’t matter in this world or to the person. Only one friend remembered my birthday and that was my friend, Natalie. She told me in the morning once i first saw her, and my other friends who were around said happy birthday just cause they heard it from Natalie. Not because they remembered a giraffe’s birthday. All day i had, I guess, a distinct mood. I was expecting a congrats from several friends. But until my other friend said happy birthday to me and my other close friend, who i tell everything and I 100 percent trust, said, “I totally forgot. Happy birthday. It’s just that i had a bad day.” I don’t know if i should believe it or not but i guess i bought it. Then me and my family went out to dinner for BQQ. Once we arrived we saw a sign that said, “Closed on Mondays.” Great. Only on my birthday. So instead we went to Denny’s. Not bad but BQQ could of been better. Later on that night i posted a picture on instagram of my cake and candles and commented,” Happy birthday to me! Only one friend remembered. It’s okay tho, i still have this cake.” And after i published it, i put my head on my blanket and cried and cried. I couldn’t stop crying. I guess i really am lonely. I was just so hurt that i couldn’t or wouldn’t stop crying after an hour.

But some of the positives on my birthday were that pretty much my whole family called me and wished me a happy birthday. Even from some of my family members who i would least expect it from. I guess I’m not so lonely after all. And i had my favorite Carrot cake!

I learned whenever your friends aren’t there for you, you still have your family who will always love you. But that only works on your birthday. Well shit. 

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