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Best Post Birthday Ever, In My Bookworm Way

I had the best day ever yesterday. Those who don’t know what World Book Night is, it’s a day a year where communities and/or schools, in my case, would give out free books to spread the joy of reading. ISN’T THIS THE BEST DAY EVER!? Though there are some downsides about this day. 1) It’s only a certain titled of books. 2) Only half a million copies are released. 3) They’re hard to get unless you know the right people. My teacher always gives out books cause his wife is a book blogger (best job ever!) and he had like 5 copies of Bossypants By Tina Fey. Once i heard him giving one out to a student, i was like no fucking way he’s giving out that book. Once i first heard that Tina Fey published a book and heard it was hilarious, i knew i had to buy it. It was even in my goodreads to-read list at #6 out of 110. So once i saw him giving it away i was like OMG, WHY HER!? But then i saw he had more and so i just ran to him and said, “Uh i want one.” And i got a copy of Bossypants by Tina fucking Fey. I was so happy. Best birthday present ever. I was so happy i showed all my friends. I know deep inside, they were jealous.

Then later that day i convinced my mom to take me to the thrift shop to buy books. First book i found was The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I was so happy once i found it. Plus it was only 92 cents. So cheap. Then i found Bridget Jones Diary. I was so happy i found this! Luckly i discovered this book on goodreads under the humor section and added it to my to-read list . Once i found it, i was so happy. It was like faith answering my prayers. I knew it was a good book and i had to read it cause of all the reviews on goodreads. Plus i love books that make you laugh out loud. And i never read one before and always wanted to. And now i have two. That’ll do the job. Ah i was so happy!

I was also determined to find a good book that was “unknown” to the majority public and i think i found a good one. It’s called Between here and April. It looked like a good read so i bought it. All three books were $5.24. So cheap. That’s how much i spend on a used book from online, including shipping and handling. It was perfect day.

And now i’m just sitting in bed admiring my view of Bossypants. I finished Glass today. It was such a good book. In my opinion, it’s better than the first one. Though the tension of this book makes me throw it out of the window. Reading Glass was like seeing my best friend go through it all that happened in the book. So many emotions. But it’s okay tho. I have humor to make me crack up like an egg.

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