My day

Adieu De 16 Ans Me (You May Google Translate That If You Like)

I haven’t blogged in days. Why? I dunno. I was going to say because i haven’t been really thinking on what to blog about, everyday. Like Charlie from The Perks Of Being A Wallflower would say, I’ve been busy participating. But truth is, I’ve been busy. And that’s super shocking. I’m known in the family for always staying home and rarely going out. Unless if it’s for a sun tan. I have no idea how that thought came into my mind. I ain’t a guidette. Friday, i went to the movies with my friends and saw Scary Movie 5. It was my second time watching it. I didn’t really mind though, it’s a funny movie. After that we went for pizza and walked to Barnes and Noble. Yes. Walked. To a book store. At 10:30 PM. In case you don’t know, those are the kind of things me and my friends do. Buying books are like buying drugs. We can never stop. But i didn’t buy a book cause i needed to finish Glass first before my mother flips out on me for buying a book. I’m sorry mom but you try being a bookworm for a day. Yeah I thought so. On Saturday it was my sisters first communion. For those who don’t know what that is. It’s an Catholic thing for those who want to consume a piece of bread, drink wine, and have a taste of the lord. After the mass we had a lunch/dinner gather up. We had family coming to our house all day. It was so boring. I had nobody to talk to or hang out with. Except for my cousin but she came only for an hour. Plus it was a bit awkward.

And that brings us to today, Sunday. The day to go to church. But in this family we consider yesterday as going to church, instead of today. I realize that doesn’t make much sense but go figure. I’m not an professor who blogs like it’s an perfectly written essay. Not only the third sentence doesn’t go with the “essay rules” but my last sentence does too cause I’ve said it a thousand times before. Today was pretty much my lazy day. I woke up early cause my stupid cousins who slept over were awake by 8AM playing god knows what. So i just woke up grabbed a doughnut and read. That’s a wonderful thing about reading. You can wake up by the bitchiest of the bitches (kids) and read a good book and forget everything. Until you close that book and you realize you are not a wonderland copy of an Alice In Wonderland experience. Sadly. After everyone left i had the house to myself. I wish i used that time wisely but i fell asleep. I was going anyway, alone in the house or not. But i guess then i could of done my homework. But Nuestra Belleza Latina was a huge distraction to me. I at least could say that i watched a full episode for once to save my white washed brain. But truth is i’m not going anywhere.

I guess today was a good day to celebrate my last day being 16 years old. We’ll see how tomorrow goes.

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