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San Diego Padres versus LA Dodgers: The Fight Is On!

I was just leaving the my bathroom and I pass the living room and I see all the players, the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers, all together like a mob. My first thought was, did someone get in a fight!? My step dad has been watching the games the past 3 days just to be cool. And it kinda bothers me. Like are you a Dodger fan or not. You would never watch the games. The only reason why he watches the games is because his buddy watches it too and they text one another talking about the game. What a pair of girly teenagers. Like right now. Hes texting, Oh snapsssss. I know that cause he’s so damn lazy to text so he just uses the voice option. On tuesday he was like, damn that eight inning was so crazy. It’s obvious hes watching it to socialize with his buddy. And to create a closer relationship friendship. But back where I was at, he left the TV on while he went to pick up my sister and sat down for like 10 minutes watching the fight. What a waste of time! I was planning to read The Fault In Our Stars. I saw the repeats and damn that was crazy. Flashback to the africa jugle scene from Mean Girls. Us, San Diego Padres may not be good in the game but we can kick some ass. I told my step dad this and he laughed. You should do the same too.

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