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Book MidLife Tragedy Crisis

I’m trying so hard not to blog about The Fault In Our Stars but I don’t want to ruin it. I love this book. It’s so perfect.  I certainly have cried. I get teary eyed but it still considered crying. For me that is. I do wanna advice to you that you shouldn’t look at pictures or posts on The Fault In Our Stars. They will spoil the book for you. I’m the victim to this tragedy.

Fifty Shades Of Grey where the fuck are you!? I let my friend borrow the book and I got it back on Wednesday during class and I left it under my desk. And forgot about it all day. Until I noticed during lunch where the fuck it’s at. I remembered I left it under my desk and so I went back to my class after school to see if I could find it. And It was gone. The 60 year old substitute has it. Someone must of taken it. I was so sad. Loosing a book for me is like loosing a child. It sucks cause I loved that book and now its gone. In a way I was glad it was cause my friend got it dirty but still. I’m going have to spend money on the book again. I’m most defiantly am going to buy it again. It’s one of my favorite books. Who ever took it must of thought it was gods destiny to leave you the book there. Cause god totally wants you to read sex books. I’m hoping to go to class tomorrow with news its been found or something. You never know someone in my class could be, Hey you left your book in class! I kept it so I could return it to you. John Lennon had always said, “You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one that crys and hopes that someday Fifty Shades of Grey will be back in my hands.

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