Year 2007: A Year Of Emberassment

What was i doing in the year 2007? Omg… It was an embarrassing year. It was the end of my 5th grade year and the start of middle school in 6th grade.

The only thing i remember from the end of my 5th grade is getting a pink slip for the first time in my life. I had a friend and who was in love with someone and i wrote on the wall with a pencil,  Ashalee + Ariel, inside a heart. I don’t know why i did it. I just wanted to be cool because i showed it to everyone, what I wrote. But that was a huge mistake. Gosh my grade level were such bitches and snitches. Then later that day, I was sent to the classroom where i wrote the two lovers in love. I automatically knew why i was sent there. I was in deep trouble. DA DA DAAM. When I entered everyone was staring at me as if the whole classroom knew what i did. Luckily it wasn’t my classroom but it was students from my grade level. I just went to pick up my pink slip. The teacher didn’t even say anything to me. Once I received my pink slip i asked, “Do you want me to erase it?” “No.” I later found out she wanted to take a picture of it as evidence. Then i left without saying bye or anything. The bitch gave me a pink slip.  I remember telling my mom and she wasn’t even mad. That was a relief. But i was more worried by the fact that i was going to be sent to the principals office. I was even ready on what to say to him. I was going to tell him that my bad ass part of me came from my friends. Looking back i would of looked like an idiot saying that. Good thing i never went to his office because of that. I don’t know why. Maybe cause my ugly Aeropostale clothes were too ugly for him to bear.

In fifth grade i would always wear Aeropostale and it wasn’t until 6th grade i saw the middle school boys jocks wearing Hollister, so i would wear them too. I loved Hollister the most then. Now i look at it as social suicide. But in middle school it wasn’t. It was a huge fashion trend. For me it was like a game.
5 points for a simple shirt with Aeropostale advertised on it. Nobody really would wear any like those. I think i was the only one cause my mom would shop there all the time. 5 dollars for a shirt!?Daniel choose two! 
10 points for an awesome Aeropostale grapic tee.
5 points for an aeropostal sweater. No guy really wore an aeropostal sweater. Just me.
30 points for a Hollister shirt. All their shirts are awesome. Well then.
50 points for an awesome hollister sweater.
And -5 points for a Aeropostale hat. I luckily had the hat. But never wore it. Thank god. If i did i would probably sell my kidneys on the black market for a face transplant.
I only had like 8 Aeropostale shirts, 4 Hollister shirts, 2 Aeropostale sweaters, and 1 Hollister sweater. I only had a few Hollister shirts cause i was a size small and there was hardly any cool shirts my size. And because they were super expensive. Compared to Aeropostal. Each shirt from Hollister i payed for was like $25-$30. And i would rarely shop there. Based on the variety everyone else had, i was the desperate one to fit in. Go figure. Now all i shop at is H&M. And that’s not a fashion trend. It’s a me trend. In the end i do regret it but then i don’t cause it makes me who i am. A bitch who wears clothes that comes from the thrift shop but really it’s from H&M.

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