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Wonderland Book Emergency

Okay. I swear. Since i’m in Mexico with family and my birthday is in this month, my grandma will probably give me money. And with that money i’m going to buy is The Fault In Our Stars. I heard this book makes you cry and i want it so bad. Other than all the tumblr fandom i see on my dashboard, i just want a book that makes me a cry like a baby. Books that make me cry are like a piece of wonderland artwork. The last book that made me cry was The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. And that’s my favorite book. My aunt said she was crying when reading Fifty shades of grey and Fifty shades darker. Those books never made me even want to cry. My aunt is a dreamer when it comes to love so that would explain it. But gosh i can’t escape tumblr with out the fandom. I NEED THAT BOOK NOW.

why did i ever read the fault in our stars i can’t continue with my life now

The fault in our stars

So I just finished chapter 3… I was crying the whole time
And this is just the beginning …

Started reading The Fault In Our Stars. I know I’m going to hurt when I get to the end. THE SHOP ASSISTANT TOLD ME I’D NEED A BOX OF TISSUES. I love Hazel and Augustus and ahhhhhhhhh

I am so sad about The Fault in Our Stars
I want to go and jump off of a multi story building
Who’s read it?
I need to express my feels

I guess the joke of it being April Fools today is making me want to read a tragedy book that will make me cry. Help!

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