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I Loathe Gmail Blue

OMG WHAT GMAIL BLUE IS A APRIL FOOLS JOKE? It didn’t get me for a second. It got to me for like 15 minutes after I saw on twitter it was a joke. Gosh you cunts. I know this Gmail blue wasn’t a huge cool next big thing but I was actually really excited for it. How cool is that! Blue font turned automatically. I was so proud i was an Gmail member after the video, watching them grow. But nooooo. They like to fool with people’s minds. I logged on my account and went on my settings to turn on the Gmail blue effect. But i gave up after 5 minutes. I was also looking for the release date or something to know when the Gmail blue effect was going to take effect. When I watched the video I was I literally fell for it. Seriously. “Brown was a disaster.” After I heard that I was like, omg I bet. That’s an ugly color. But that was part of the joke.

No your right google. I cannot believe i have waited too long for this. Waited to be trolled really bad and laugh my ass off.

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