My day

Easter Well Awkwardly Coffee Shop’d Spent

I’m back! So many days without blogging that my blog feels empty. Almost like a year with out rain. These past couple days i’ve been with family at our family ranch. It was so fun. So fun that i even finished Fifty Shades Darker. I’m obviously being sarcastic. I had nothing else to do so i just read. And had fun while doing so. I would loudly crack up while my cousins would wander what the fuck has gone wrong with me. But other than that we got in the pool. That was fun. Though i burned my neck. The fear of me getting skin cancer outburts out of me. I don’t know… Im dramatized okay?

How was my Easter Sunday? Boring. The first time i could remember not being in the U.S. for Easter. Mexico doesn’t celebrate Easter. Hashtag boring country. The only egg i got today was the eggs we brought from the US to give out to my cousins, but we forgot to. It was an egg with sponge bob faces figures hard candy. It was so good. The only highlight of my day was when i went to a coffe shop and read until my grandma was done shopping. It was so awkward. First i wasn’t sure if i had to order my coffee first and up front like at starbucks until i asked a guy and he was like, take a seat i’ll take your order. Ohhhh so it’s like a restaurant. Mexico is so classy. Then he was like, is it for here or for to go? It was for here. He probably was thinking, what the heck is he doing here alone!? Bitch i came here to kill time and read my book. Thank god i brought Memoirs Of A Geisha with me to read or else i would be super bored. It was also awkward cause lots of people would pass by and see me reading with my huge cup of frapuchino. What book is he reading? Is it Fifty Shades Of Grey? Nah it’s another chic lit. Is he really alone? What a big size of coffee just for him! What a loner! Those were probably the thoughts of the people passing. I also noticed a lady who was at the coffee shop staring at me. Creepo. A combination of creppy and wierdo. Then when my grandma was ready to leave, i had to ask to take it to go and asked for the bill. In the glass cup it seemed like alot of coffee but in the plastic cup it seemed like it was so little that it wasn’t worth for it to take it to-go. Making me desperate for a last sip of coffee. Another awkward moment. When paying i wasn’t sure if i should leave a tip. So i didn’t leave any. The waiter never came by and asked if i needed anything. So. I had a feeling of omg-i-hope-waiter-doesn’t-see-me when passing by to pay for the parking ticket, since i didn’t pay for the tip. Another awkward moment. He would see me pass by and think, Theres the bitch who didn’t give me a tip. That’s wonderland bitch to you sir!

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