Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday: Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!

Happy birthday gurl! Its Lady Gagas birthday. But isnt it Throwback Thursday? Well why yes it is! Here are some moments about gaga that we shall not forget.

The release of her new fregrance FAME. That made it the second most fastest selling perfume. And the 8th most succesful brand in 2012.

The hilarious and contriversial interview with this british dude. (Forgot his name. Its obvious all i care about is lady gaga not the show.)

EMAS 2011 performing Marry the night. An great performance and yet a boring one. The bitch wouldnt move. She was on the moon for most of the song.

The meat dress and the birth of Born This Way.

Paparazzi. I dont care what you bitches say but this was the most ICONIC performance in VMAs history.

The most amazing and contriversial music video, judas. A song that will forever be my dance break out song. PS: I know the whole choreo. I regret nothing.

The most amazing video, Bad romance. 2 grammys and is an world breaking music video record in youtube views.

Poker face. The song that made the world know who Lady Gaga is. Really is.

The vessel at the Grammys Red carpet. ICONIC.

Cute little Fozzi.

When gaga flashed her boobs and acted natural.

The time Gaga brought back the teal wig in Australia 2012. And turn out to be a one time thing.

Lady gagas alter ego at the VMAs.

And Justins biebers killer reaction to Jo at the VMAs. DEATH. Gets to me everytime.

Im sure there is WAY more but i dont want this to be very long.

If your reading htis lady gaga, i want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you so much! Have a great day and have an wonderland expierience birthday. I would of sent in a video for you but you know how those videos can be a bit awkward.

Oh and somebody wished you a happy birthday Gaga! Now did you send him cannibis confusing him, that its tea? That baby sure is changing his life.

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