My day

Surrounded By Wonderland Regrets

It’s been a long day.
For once my spring break
dream has come
I woke up late.
10:30 AM late.
I’m aiming tomorrow to wake up
at noon.
Hashtag this wonderland blogger
needs to sleep
and dream all the
time possible.
I hardly did anything this
I just layed in bed,
wondering why the
fuck i’m
debating whether
i should get up or
not to read
Fifty shades darker.
Gosh i regret not reading in
the morning.
I hardly did anything
worth my time.
As if i ever do anything
worth my time.
I later then
clean my room.
It made no
sense the house
maid asked me to help
her pick up after myself.
Um isn’t that your job?
Not a good way to start my morning.
My wonderland
was seeking a way to
sink me down onto my bed
so i wouldn’t get up.
Then my annoying cousins came.
Me and my sister decided to hide from them.
We first said hi to them
at the window to drop a hint
where here
so they could assume
when arriving
they just look for us.
I hid upstairs,
in the laundry room,
inside a closet.
Talk about me growing up next
I was going to make that
an fantastic twitter moment
but i lost wifi signal.
My cousins gave up looking for us after 5
One of my cousins threaten to grab
my laptop.
Last time he used it,
he broke
the screen.
So shit.
I was being positive he wouldn’t
do it
so i could hid a bit longer.
But i myself got bored.
They were a bit
mad we, or i,
were hiding from them.
Nobody asked you to come
Turns out my cousin
thinks Mexico is better
than the U.S.
We have all of our views,
my wonderland want’s it mine to be true,
the US is better.
He says Mexico is
rich in petroleum.
Bitch we got atomic
Or atleast i think i do.
*Dance to the instrumental to Marina and the Diamonds*
Then lastly we decided to go to the movies
to watch
The croods.
While i was waiting,
I had an sudden urge to use the restroom
and read Fifty shades of grey.
Taking a dump and reading porn is a good mix.
I was so shocked at the end of chapter 12
i literally screamed
My aunt was like
what the fuck is he screaming about?
Oh it was nothing. I’m just reading
a book.
The croods was an
great movie.
It reminded me of my favorite movie,
Alice in Wonderland.
That explains the URL.
My cousin was so annoying through out
the whole movie.
Shut up. People can hear you and they want peace.
Did you find that part funny?
Yes. I’m laughing in the outside. Please shut up.
Are you liking the movie
Yes. I am. Now shut up everyone can hear you.
It was a bit embarrassing.
He would talk so loud
i’m sure everyone around us told us to shut up.
My wonderland wanted
to shut him up with duck tape.
Or even better,
make him go to sleep. And leave
me alone, watching the movie
like a normal person would.
Where the sodas?
We haven’t bought them yet.
Shut up you annoying twat.
We’re being discreet
because no outside drinks
are allowed.
Now shut up before the others hear you
and look at us with a face and a thought.
Hm these freaks brought sodas from the outside.
How cheap and ridiculous and a bit
hilarious they actually did bring some in a huge bag.

My wonderland wished
wished i was in the U.S. for the
so i could watch my favorite bitches,
Nikki And Sarah Live.

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