My day

Giraffe Spot Removed


Just got home from the doctors. See that picture above? That’s my mole i had in the back of ear that has been removed. I’ve always had this mole behind my ear for about 5 years and it’s been growing. So i went to the doctors to get it removed. I was super nervous. I was biting my nails as i was talking to the doctor. She ended up cutting it with scissors and burned it somehow. I didn’t see anything but my aunt and my sister did. First she put an injection then she was removing the mole with scissors. It kinda did hurt. It felt like a needle going inside my skin, in and out. And then i guess she burned it or something cause she had a long stick that was going around the mole. I guess she was putting the skin back together or something. But that did hurt. It felt like she has shocking me with hot fire on my skin. But thank god i survived! Lol. The whole time, the doctor was talking to me. I guess so that i don’t get to nervous or move. She asked what i last ate? I said, Birria, which is goat meat. It’s so delicious. I tend not to picture it’s the inside of a goat. I think of it as pieces of napkin paper converted into chicken. And i forgot what else she asked. Also the nurse was rubbing my shoulder to make me feel better i guess. I took it as a way of potentially hooking up with her later like from what i’ve heard, a porn scene. Like let’s not do a scene here. My aunt and sister are watching. I thought it was going to hurt. But what hurts is the after affect. It’s irritating me. The doctor said it was nothing bad. It just had a center to it that made it grow. But after the surgery it shouldn’t grow. You may wonder, but why do you have the mole? Because I’m going to take it to have it analyzed later. Or maybe make someone eat it. Perhaps to the bitch who (fill in the blank).

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