My day

Fifty Shades My Aunt’s Have Read The Series

Well i’m in Mexico!
I had so much fun yesterday.
Crazy old family.
The airport expirence,
i guess you can call it that,
was alright.
I was reading Fifty Shades Darker
the whole time there
trying to start a scene.
But nobody wanted to
pay attention to which book i was
But i was reading it the
whole time during the
And i kinda have a feeling the flight attendants
knew which book I’m reading.
Cause i wouldn’t even
touch my food and was too
glue’d into the book.
Once i arrive i see my little stupid cousins
and my aunt’s there to pick us up.
Oh and my crazy uncle.
He’s convinced
my mom sent us to Mexico
for them to go to the beach and
get rid of us.
He’s cray.
Since i had Fifty Shades Darker
in my hand
my 6 year cousins said
My mom has that book.
I asked my aunt and she’s like,
I’m telling your mom!
Don’t worry aunty she
already knows what it’s
about. She doesn’t
And then once were at our family’s ranch,
She fucking ruins a part for me.
Are you at the part where Christian
buys Ana
a new car?
Isn’t that in the first book?
No Leila ruins Ana’s car!
Omg what!? Why did you ruin it
for me!?
I wouldn’t normally ruin it
for you guys
but since i’m in pain
you have to be in pain as well.
Pain that it’s been ruined.
I also found out my other aunt read the books.
Just as i predicted!
I knew she read the books
not because she reads
but because she’s a single
40 year old.
And pretty much all day,
my aunts were talking about it.
But Daniel that’s a
girl book!
I don’t care their interesting.
My aunt, the single one,
asked what i do i get out
of this?
I said, tips.
As a joke obviously.
Then my other aunts got into the
saying i could learn how
to please a girl.
In a kinky way, i guess.
My aunts were going deep into
this convo tho.
How the book has saved marriages,
gives girls hope,
and being proud about your
inner goddess.
And they call the series a novella.
Um no!
This is a booooook series.
And as a conclusion to the convo,
My other aunts who haven’t read,
the series,
are going to buy it.
Oh E.L. James. Look at
what you have done.

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