My day

Fifty Shades Awkward

I went with my aunt to go pick up my cousin from school and we had to wait until the bell ringed and things got a little weird. First it was so awkward. I was just with my aunt while she talked to the other moms. Then one of my aunt’s friends was like, “Oh guess what! My husband bought me the book your reading, Fifty Shades Of Grey.” LOL WHAT? Why would a married husband buy that for the wife? Mexico and it’s odd customs. And then my aunt was like, “Oh it’s a good book. Even my nephew is reading the series.” Gee thanks aunty for putting me on the spot. And then her friend was like oh cool. “But yeah my husband told me he went to go buy it at a store but they didn’t let him buy it cause they told him it was for girls.” Now that made it so awkward. The other moms heard, i was reading the Fifty Shades Of Grey series, and now they would be like, Woah this fucker. He’s reading a chic book. Not only that but why wouldn’t they let a guy read the book!? It’s a good book series. It has a plot that make you be at the edge of your seat. So what if it has sex. Men should read it to know how to treat a women right. And to laugh at how STUPID Ana is. It also turns out Fifty shades of grey is number one bestselling in mexico. Told by my aunts friend. It’s like i can never escape Fifty Shades Of Grey no matter where i go. I like it.

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