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Be Careful Kim Kardashian!

Looking at this picture gives me the creeps. It’s so creepy for me that i haven’t added the picture until i’m have finished writing this post. Ever since i seen a thousand ways to die, my view on acupuncture gives me the creeps. On that episode there was a girl who had needles on her face when she was going to reach for her phone she fell onto the ground and died. She was reaching for the phone and i guess it was too far for her to reach so she just got closer off the bed and fell to the ground with her face onto the floor. It was so nasty and frightening. The way the show shoes the body and stuff is too graphic for me. Even if it’s animated.

Looking at this makes me think, OMG BE CAREFUL KIM! I don’t want to picture you reaching for your phone, falling, and dying.  I mean she must of taken the picture herself with her phone. Therefore i have reasons why i should be concerned.

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