My day

Tomorrow Will Be Another Day

Day 1 of Spring Break
It’s been a long day.
Woke up
Had breakfast
Went and got a haircut
Did last minute shoppings
and Came back home
What made it a long day was the shopping.
So many stores. Ah.
And i just bought a sweater from H&M
In which I’m in love with.
And a pair of shoes, from target.
So emberassing.
But hey! No other place had
shoes that i liked.
And these shoes where off the chain.
Nice shoes! Where did you buy those shoes?
Um Nordsdroom.
Atleast it’s not Walmart
Or athletes foot.
Tomorrow i’m off to mexico for spring break!
I’m so excitedddddd.
Tomorrow is sunday which is family reunion in which
I will see my crazy family
That includes my crazy cousins
My electronic guy cousin
My soccer playah hooker cousins AKA
“The wanna be jock cousins”
My cute little cousins
and the nerdy other cousin
It’s a big family
My grandma had 9 kids… So.
So she loved the sex.
Tomorrow i will butt in every convo
And blog about it
Like the bitch i am.
I got my shit together for tomorrow as well.
And this year i have all the things in which i forgot to bring
with me last summer.
Like my headgear
that was on purpose,
and more fancy clothes!
I’m obviously taking my laptop with me as well.
I gotta be a wonderland bitch,
Last time i took my laptop with me to Mexico,
my cousins cracked the screen.
If they do it again this year
i will make them buy me a new one
instead of fixing it.
And in my wonderland
They will exert the biggest or rather smalles
that has wifi connection.
For all my wonderland needs.
I’m also taking books.
Two books.
Fifty shades darker,
to show my cousins and aunts
porn in a book does exists.
And memoirs of a geisha,
to show off i know Chinese.
Not really.
But I’m mostly excited
to drink my coffee,
at the airport.
Tomorrow really is going to be another day.

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