My day

It’s A Start

Day and a half of spring break
Technically spring break doesn’t start
until after school
PE: My friends made fun of my butt hole like always.
Though this time my white 90s hipster friend said to me, You look like the Cucumber from Veggie tales.
Then looked to my friend who is the starter to the “hilarious” butthole jokes and says,
And your the tomato.
Lol what? Are you calling her fat? HAHA!
I was cracking up at the fact of a fat essence joke.
Going from serious, awe your the adorable Cucumber,
to, your the fat Tomato
*Rhianna voice* Where have you been all my life. My liiiieiiiiefe?
She supposely didn’t mean it in that way
But i find that hard to believe
This hipster seems like the 90s bitch who would do that
The tomato kept laughing of her imagining shoving the tomato up my ass whole
i was laughing at the part when she was called a tomato
Then boom
An imagine of a cucumber with piercings all over it comes up
It’s an inside joke of this “trapped in the closet gay”
Who has millions of Piercings
And he just turns out to be the tune to our jokes
US history: PISSED. *In a sophisticated voice*
I thought it was my choice to read?
I was hoping to watch a movie since it’s the last day before spring break
but all the test corrections we had to do made me ache
I got an C on my test!
I did my best
Two hours of studying
but the my procrastination was muddying
I was expecting a D
But i guess world war two
makes my inner nerd come out and yell
Inner nerd: Shut the fuck up. You gave me 72 percent.
Geometry: Watched Secondhand Lion
seen it before, great movie
the humor in it was so groovy
without it it would be boring
don’t mind my thoughts it’s just mopping
Love the fact the kid turns out to be a comic writer
cheers to keeping up with your mother shit
Then went to Khols after school
Nothing fits me
you and i will always fit, tea
It’s not my prob im a tall medium bitch
XXL is too big for me to itch
itch to seem fittable for my skin
i blame it on cable
Your ads suck!
Ew no don’t shoot the ducks
I’m talking to you, Duck Dynasty
And now: Tired, eating doritos, and drinking diet coke
the word diet coke makes me feel skinny already
although i heard that the little cells that make the coke diet
aren’t really diet
they are just invisible to the microscopic eye
go inside your body
and turns them into fats and sugars
sorry if i bursted your bubble
I’m no double doctor
As if i knew what that meant, oh poetry

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