Fiction Friday

Fiction Friday: I’m A Real Clown

I decided to take my kids to a circus. Along the way, we saw a hitchhiker and decided to pick him up. He told us he was a real clown.
“Oh so your a real clown? How does that differ from a fake clown?”
“I inspired Kim Kardashian’s make up look.”
“HAHA! I don’t even know if that’s the truth or just joke. Tell us a joke!”
“Okay. Walk into the big club i’m like what up i got a a big cock… Though this is no typical cock. It’s a rooster.”
“Watch it. The kids are here. Seems like your a clown who pulls a joke by drawing a picture. Tell us a verbal joke.”
“Okay so. There is this guy who works for a farmer. And he has to build the farmer a little house made of bricks. It all has to be the same amount of bricks on each wall. 20 times 20. With no bricks to be left over. So he’s building and building and when he’s finally done he notices he has one brick left. He knows that the farmer must not see that extra brick because he would think he did a poor job and wouldn’t pay him. So guess what he does with the brick?”
“I don’t know what does he do with it?”
“He throws it over. He just throws it.”
“I don’t get the joke,” Then my 7 year old son interrupts, “I get it! He throws it over the mountain and hits a wild snake.”
“Yeah i don’t think that’s a good joke. Want to hear another joke?”
“Yeah sure.”
“Okay so there is two penguins. A mother and a father. The mother is about to hatch her baby in a couple of days and needs to keep it safe and warm. So the mother and the father go walking and walking until the mother notices she lost the egg. The mother goes like mad tripping out. So the mother and father continue looking for the brick. Until they have walked passed the snow cave. And guess what they found?”
“I don’t know. The egg?”
“No it’s the stupid brick.”

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