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Dad Starts Reading Fifty Shades Darker

Oh my dad called today as well! I find it quiet funny how he is going to start reading Fifty Shades Darker along with me. I ordered a book online and on accident i put his address since it was saved onto my barnes and noble account. It ended up getting fixed but the other book that was sent on accident didn’t get sent back. So i just told my dad to keep it and read it. And had to tell him it’s pretty much porn in a book. His reply was, “Oh well it’s something different.” I had to tell him the good things about the book for him to be like, “Uh my son has good taste in books.” He told me to be careful. To make sure i find this book as a joke and don’t take it seriously and follow Christian’s leads. Oh dad. I don’t want to be kinky. That’s to weird and…. kinky. It’ll be fun having a convo with my dad about the book. He’s on page 7, i’m on page 18. He can catch up. I told my dad to joke around with my aunts and tell them that it’s their favorite book. They will probably be like, UH! I love those books. I have all the sex toys in the series. I’m going to stop reading Memoirs of a geisha and start reading Fifty Shades Darker this spring break. There’s something about reading a porn book, out in public, at the air port that makes it so fun.

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